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Author Sign-ups for the 2020 NCIS Reverse Bang ***CLOSED***

Welcome to our NCIS Reverse Bang!

Author Sign-Ups Close: Friday, 10 January

Artwork will be posted anonymously for Authors to claim. Authors are to write a minimum 3000 WC story based on the artwork and prompt they claimed. Your story must be based on NCIS characters, although crossovers characters are okay if approved or requested by the Artist. Gen, Het and Slash are all welcome, as are all ratings. Stories must be beta'd.

You are required to stay in touch with your Artist. If you fail to respond to your Artist or the moderator within a reasonable amount of time, and do not produce/post a story, you will be banned from future challenges. By participating in this challenge, someone else is depending on you. It's not fair to drop out of communication and leave them with no story and no idea of what happened to you.

If you fail to post a story on your scheduled date, you lose all rights to use the artwork you claimed. The artist may then allow others to use the artwork, or if it is not used by next year, they may resubmit it for another claim.

- We allowed backup authors last year. In previous years, we have had Authors drop out, or fail to turn in a rough draft or story or respond to their Artist or the mod. We have had other Authors advise they are willing to pick up abandoned artwork. Authors who are close to 80% completion of their rough drafts may reach out to the mod to request an extension NO LATER THAN THE ROUGH DRAFT DUE DATE. For Authors who fail to turn in a rough draft by the due date, or by a mod granted extension date, the Artist may opt to release the art to be picked up by a backup Author. Artists will need to make this decision within 5 days of the rough draft due date. If a story has been claimed by a backup Author, they will be allowed to post their completed story. If the original Author suddenly reappears with a completed story by April 30th, it will be up to the Artist if they're willing to allow a second story to be posted. There is no need to be concerned unless you may be late. If you feel you need to drop from the challenge, please notify both your Artist and challenge mod ASAP. If an Author drops out early, with notification, and the artwork is picked up by a backup Author, the original Author will not be banned from the following year's challenge.

- I will not give out your email. I usually only contact participants who have missed a deadline or have failed to communicate with their challenge partner. When I send challenge emails, I send them to myself and BCC the participants so others will not get your email from me. If you do not want to post your email publicly, you may email it to me as noted below. I'm sorry, but I do not have the time to PM multiple people if/when needed, so an email address is required.
Please note: You will still need to sign up below to participate in the challenge and will need to reach out to your partner via email to exchange art/story files.

All participants should join this community to watch for updates. You must be a member of the community to be given posting access.

All participants are encouraged to join our Support Community: ncis_discuss

We have sister communities on DW if you prefer to participate there.

Community FAQs on LJ or Community FAQs on DW.
If you have other questions, feel free to ask!

2020 NCIS Reverse Bang:

Author Sign-ups Open - Saturday, 9 November 2019
Artist Sign-ups Open - Saturday, 9 November 2019

Artist Sign-ups Close - Wednesday, 1 January
Artwork Due - Wednesday, 8 January
Artwork Preview - Thursday, 9 January
Author Sign-ups Close - Friday, 10 January

Art Claims Open - Saturday, 11 January
Art claim will open at 17:00 GMT World clock, GMT, you can switch this to a 24 hour format if you

Availability check and schedule posts - mid-April
Completed Stories and Art Due: 30 April
Posting Begins - TBA May

Progress check-ins are not mandatory, but we do appreciate hearing from our participants.
Check-In # 1: 25 Jan
Check-In # 2: 15 Feb
Check-In # 3: 7 Mar
Check-In # 4: 28 Mar

Progress check-ins are not mandatory, but we do appreciate hearing from our participants.
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